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MOTAT Aviation Hall

We have added digital screens full of additional content and new interactives into our Aviation Hall. Explore influential aircraft from New Zealand's rich aviation history up close and personal.
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MOTAT Aviation Hall - at Motions Road

MOTAT Motions Road, the home of our Aviation Hall, Rail, and Military workshops now has a 155+ space car park and cycle and walkways to ease visiting the Western Springs Precinct.

The Aviation Hall is the best place in Aotearoa to see influential aircraft from New Zealand's rich aviation history up close and personal.

The new car park has been built on closed landfill land, turning redundant space into new parking for the Western Springs Precinct.

The new entry to the Aviation Hall and the new car park is via 98 Motions Road. Vehicle access to the Aviation Hall via Meola Road is no longer permitted.

The new MOTAT car park has been designed as part of the Western Springs Accessibility Project which sees parking across the precinct (Auckland Zoo, TAPAC) convert to time restricted parking. Parking is free at present but will convert to paid parking in late February early March. Please visit the Tātaki Auckland Unlimited website here for FAQs on this project.

We hope this new 155+ space car park will ease congestion in Western Springs, and offer our visitors a secure place to park without the need to circle the area.


Questions regarding our new car park and the reopening of the Aviation Hall are listed below. Please visit the Tātaki Auckland Unlimited website for a full FAQ on the wider precinct works.

Why has MOTAT decided to invest in a car park?

When visiting the precinct, one in four visitors leave after not being able to find a car park. By building additional parking at MOTAT we hope our visitors will find it easier to find parking, making it easier to plan visits to the Museum.  The car park will also reduce traffic congestion
around the museum and facilitate the installation of cycle and walkways.

These improvements to MOTAT’s parking and access will result in added convenience and peace of mind that visitors are more likely to find safe, quality parking close to MOTAT.

What public consultation was done?

Following the identification of parking and access as key challenges to MOTAT visitors, a study was commissioned to investigate the parking and access issues affecting the precinct and recommendations for improvements.

MOTAT has attempted to engage in a thorough and timely manner with all affected stakeholders. This includes stakeholder consultations in March-April 2019 and again in July 2019.

Pricing research was also conducted via an online population survey supplied to Auckland Zoo and MOTAT members and email databases. This was completed in March 2020.

An onsite hui was held in May 2020.  Representatives from local Iwi attended and subsequently provided written support for the project.

Will there be a charge for parking? Where will the money go?

When the Aviation Hall opens in July - parking will be free of charge.

Western Springs precinct parking (MOTAT, Auckland Zoo & TAPAC) will convert to time restricted parking in Summer 2022 and be monitored by Auckland Transport. The charge for parking will be $2 an hour, capped at a total of $8 per day. Read more about the Western Springs Accessibility Project on the Tātaki Auckland Unlimited website here.

When the car park converts to time restricted parking, the revenue from the parking fees collected will go towards the maintenance of the car park and any surplus will be invested into MOTAT collection care and maintenance. Accessible parking will remain free of charge.

Parking outside of the Auckland Transport time restricted hours (5:00 pm - 9:00 am) will be free of charge.

How will I get from the MOTAT Aviation Hall to MOTAT Great North Road?

The MOTAT trams will resume operating their full loop between MOTAT Great North Road and MOTAT Aviation Hall upon the reopening of the Aviation Hall in late July.

Not visiting MOTAT? The heritage trams are free for all visitors to the Western Springs Precinct. Park at the new MOTAT car park and travel via tram to stops outside TAPAC, Auckland Zoo, Western Springs Park or MOTAT Great North Road.

More information on the trams, including a map of the tram route can be found here.

How do I access the new MOTAT car park?

Access to the MOTAT Aviation Hall will no longer be possible via Meola Road.

Please access the new MOTAT car park and Aviation Hall via Motions Road (see above map).

Will education bookings resume in the Aviation Hall ?

Education and other groups bookings for the Aviation Display Hall are now available to be booked online. To find out what education kete or programme may suit your group, please visit the MOTAT education web page here.

Can I park at MOTAT Great North Road?

Limited street parking is available along both Great North Road and Motions Road.

However, to avoid circling the area in search of a car park, we recommend you park and catch the tram from the new MOTAT car park on Motions Road and enjoy the view of Western Springs Park on your journey to MOTAT Great North Road.


If you want to know more about the integrated approach across the Western Springs Precinct, please email

For MEDIA enquiries, please email: makingmotatbetter@motat.org.nz