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Social Responsibility

MOTAT is community and environmentally focused. We seek to increase the cultural, economic, and social wellbeing of Tāmaki Makaurau and Aotearoa through our actions and collection.
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MOTAT is community and environmentally focused and it is seeking to use technology and community initiatives to improve access for marginalised groups and indigenous peoples, and to increase the cultural, economic and social wellbeing.

Objective 4.3 of MOTAT’s strategy requires the Museum to:

  • Refine its sustainability programmes so that it is carbon neutral

  • Improve its systems for securing and monitoring its sites and collection

  • Promote and use technology that reduces our impact on the environment and inspires the Museum’s audience to do the same

We are working towards this objective with a sustainability team and newly introduced internal and external initiatives. We are in the planning stages of bringing sustainability education to our visitors, we are excited to involve our MOTAT whānau in our progressive sustainability changes.

Objective 5 requires MOTAT to engage with like-minded institutions and in particular:

  • Promote tangata whenua technology and innovation, te reo and tikanga

  • Work collaboratively with other institutions to develop exhibitions, education, and outreach programmes that benefit the community

  • Use the Museum’s facilities to support the local community and events in the Western Springs

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MOTAT is committed to building a team culture that celebrates the unique, dual heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand. As part of this journey, we are taking active steps to becoming a responsive partner under Te Tiriti o Waitangi, with the intention of seeing wider representation of te Ao Māori in our spaces. Our team are encouraged to engage in meaningful training and development opportunities that aim to broaden our shared understanding of our nation’s history, te tiriti and its implications for our mahi.

From the concept design stage through to programme completion, our Kaupapa Māori team provides support and guidance to our wider team through both learning and development programmes and direct project support.

We are currently assisting fellow museums and businesses to curate and develop new exhibitions and events. This allows us to contribute to the GLAM (galleries, libraries, arts, and museums) sector positively in hopes of creating an open communication space for like-minded institutions.

MOTAT has helped support local community events by working with Pasifika Festival this year (although the venue moved due to a Covid-19 Lockdown in Tāmaki Makaurau). We are in regular communication with service and event providers in Western Springs and are always open to assist where possible.