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Six Women in STEM to follow on TikTok

By Makayla Wallace-Tidd, Communications Coordinator, Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT). With almost 1 billion views, #womeninSTEM in the place to be right now.
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The #WomeninSTEM hashtag has already clocked up 836 million views and is still climbing. The TikTok platform is proving to be a great space to be if you want to learn more about the life of a woman working in the STEM field.

To save you diving into the deep end of TikTok, here’s a list of seven women who are making engaging videos surrounding their experience and skills in STEM.

1. @stemgirltalk – Valentina Ramirez


Valentina is a great face for students in STEM. She often provides super useful tips for study or climatising to the industry. If you need a reminder that you’re on the right path, this girl can do that for you.

2. @mrs.b.tv – Nancy Bullard


Interested in super fun science-based experiments? Nancy’s TikTok is full of them! From hydrophobic cocoa powder to disappearing ink. She even has Instagram and YouTube if you get really hooked.

3.  @simplebiologist – Kate Bredbenner


If you love simple science, clear explanation, and TikTok, Kate is the woman for all of that. She creates engaging videos that are easy to understand and are full of interesting facts. Her ant video is a must-watch – you won’t believe how many ants there are on Earth!

4. @madalynmusings – Madalyn


As a practicing doctor, Madalyn has loads of advice to offer her viewers. She brings a super fun charisma to her videos that cover medical industry experiences to skincare tips and tricks.

5. @daem_rox – Daem Celestin


Daem is a beacon of light for black women in STEM. Her whole channel is based around being a pre-med student and the ups and downs of her journey and touches on issues that surround marginalised communities in the medical industry. Her videos are insightful, funny, and educational.

6. @kbacon - Kate


Bold, creative, and innovative. Kate is constantly showing her viewers new information. Her ‘Rare Colors’ series explores special colours that are not often used, and screens cannot produce. The science behind her colour illusions means our eyes can see these spectacular colours.