Lime rolled onto Aotearoa pavements in 2018. Young New Zealanders jumped on shared electric scooters for eco-friendly rides, joining the micro-mobility movement riding the world’s cities.


The Lime Generation 3 (Gen 3) and the Jump scooters are robust scooters designed for sharing. The Gen 3 is designed and manufactured in-house, improving on previous models, while the Jump scooters are custom built by Okai.


- The battery at the base of the stem improves the weighting of the scooter.
- Larger wheels with rear wheel drive and lower handlebars suit more riders.
- A larger LCD screen with functionality to display maps.
- Regular upgrades are essential for the e-scooter industry to survive and thrive.
- The Gen 4 which has a swappable battery has just launched in France.

In 2020 Jump launched New Zealand’s first dockless ride share ī-paika e-bikes in Auckland. Seen here at MOTAT Meola Road.

Images and video courtesy of Lime Technology Limited.